Nursing Service

Nursing Service

DoctorFlorenceH24 offers home and outpatient nursing services to all those who, for various reasons, are unable to reach healthcare facilities, avoiding long queues and promoting a fast and efficient service thanks to our qualified collaborators.

Our nursing support includes numerous services, including:

Subcutaneous injections (primarily Heparin in patients with thrombotic risk)

Intramuscular injections (usually in cases of sciatica or allergic reactions…)

Intravenous therapy administration (for example, in cases of severe diarrhea and vomiting, where a rapid rehydration and fluid administration are required)

Blood sampling and collection of urine and feces from early hours of the morning with delivery service to the laboratory (your tests will be managed from the sampling organization until the issuance of the report)

Suture check and stitches removal

Dressing for various types of wounds and replacement of existing dressings

Evacuative enemas

Treatment of pressure ulcers, application or replacement of urinary catheters

Vital signs measurement, blood pressure, and glucose monitoring

Treatment of post-operative stomas, dressing changes, and management of tracheotomies and nasogastric probes

24-hour HCA (Health Care Assistant) assistance at the hospital or directly at your home

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