Doctor at Home

Home Visits and Remote Consultations

One of the most important services we can offer is undoubtedly to guarantee efficient and high-quality home care.

Our home medical service is available 24 hours a day throughout the metropolitan area of Florence and in many surrounding areas.

We can reach our patients directly at home or, if they are tourists or workers staying at any hotel, ensuring maximum discretion and professionalism at all times.

Our staff is able to provide to foreign tourists, visits tailored to their needs.

We guarantee adequate language skills, essential for communication with the patient and to ensure an accurate and understandable diagnosis.

We can offer immediate first medical support for all conditions related to respiratory, gastrointestinal, and auditory disorders (vestibular maneuvers for vertigo, ear lavage, treatment for otitis), palpitations, and hypertension problems (we perform ECG and Holter monitoring), joint injuries, wounds, and much more.

Our emergency  doctors will also be able to perform dressings, bandages, zinc bandages, application and removal of sutures, and intravenous therapy administration directly at your home.

We are able to conduct remote medical consultations.

Furthermore, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our patients by also offering them the possibility of remote medical consultations; teleconsultation is a service that allows us to overcome even the greatest distances, through which the doctor can reassure a patient and offer them rapid initial support and the sending of electronic prescriptions.

Our goal is to offer you a fast service without taking a step; we will manage your requests in order to prevent you from long waits at the emergency room

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